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SCDA (Sports Car Driving Association)

April 16, 2024 3:43 pm


Established in 1995, the Sports Car Driving Association (SCDA) offers enthusiasts a secure and structured setting to delve into high-performance driving. The SCDA emphasizes educational driving experiences and refrains from competitive events.

Catering to individuals ranging from track novices to experienced drivers, SCDA events go a step further by segregating drivers into distinct skill groups. This enables participants to advance their skills on the track while surrounded by drivers of similar expertise. With this tiered system, SCDA offers a comprehensive framework for accelerating skill progression and boosting track speed.


P.O. Box 2343, Huntington, Connecticut, 06484

Red lotus with gold wheels and white strip down side going fast at a race track. Trees blurred in background

Club Requirements

Membership Required
Membership Fee $ -
Vehicle Tech Inspection
Medical Form
Driver min. Age 16 w/parental consent
Driver's Licence

Event Pricing & Track Time

1/2 day Cost from $ 300
1/2 day Cost to $ 500
1/2 day Track Time 1 hour
Full day Cost from $ 370
Full day Cost to $ 600
Full Day Track Time 2 hours
2 Day Cost from $ 500
2 Day Cost to $ 1
Open Lapping Cost from $ -
Open Lapping Track Time -
Open Lapping Cost to $ -

Driver Coaching Overview

In-car Instruction
Student Evaluations
Track Classroom
Instructor Program
Race Tracks
Noise Limit: 103 dB
Race Tracks
Noise Limit: 103 dB
Race Tracks
Noise Limit: 103 dB
HPDE Clubs
Full Day Track Time: 2 Hours
HPDE Clubs
Full Day Track Time: 2 hours
HPDE Clubs
Full Day Track Time: 2 hours