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Speed Ventures

April 16, 2024 3:42 pm


As one of America's leading organizations in recreational motorsports, Speed Ventures has been operational for over 14 years. The company facilitates events across premier race tracks in California, Nevada, and recently expanded into Texas with a debut event at Circuit of The Americas. They offer a wide array of experiences including practice days, instructional sessions for novices, time trials, and wheel-to-wheel competitions.

Additionally, they coordinate corporate and media functions and endorse road-racing activities for external organizations. With a near bi-weekly event schedule, Speed Ventures provides ample opportunities for drivers to experience high-speed driving.


901 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, California, 90046

Four track cars in a parking lot with palm trees and a building in the background set against a blue sky

Club Requirements

Membership Required
Membership Fee $ -
Vehicle Tech Inspection
Medical Form
Driver min. Age 13 w/parent present
Driver's Licence

Event Pricing & Track Time

1/2 day Cost from $ -
1/2 day Cost to $ -
1/2 day Track Time -
Full day Cost from $ 190
Full day Cost to $ 220
Full Day Track Time 1 hour 20 min
2 Day Cost from $ 400
2 Day Cost to $ 500
Open Lapping Cost from $ -
Open Lapping Track Time -
Open Lapping Cost to $ -

Driver Coaching Overview

In-car Instruction
Student Evaluations
Track Classroom
Instructor Program
Race Tracks
Noise Limit: 103 dB
Race Tracks
Noise Limit: 103 dB
Race Tracks
Noise Limit: 103 dB
HPDE Clubs
Full Day Track Time: 2 hours
HPDE Clubs
Full Day Track Time: 2 hours