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Just Track It

April 16, 2024 3:39 pm


Established in March 2013, Just Track It aims to provide budget-friendly track day experiences to auto enthusiasts across the Southeastern United States. Committed to maximizing your on-track enjoyment without breaking the bank, the club offers extensive track time to drivers of all expertise levels—from beginners to seasoned racers. Novices benefit from in-car coaching and classroom instruction to elevate their driving skills.


3730 Rolling Creek Dr, Buford, Georgia, 30519

Image of a single car on empty track with blue sky and viaduct in background

Club Requirements

Membership Required
Membership Fee $ 150
Vehicle Tech Inspection
Medical Form
Driver min. Age 16 w/parental consent
Driver's Licence

Event Pricing & Track Time

1/2 day Cost from $ -
1/2 day Cost to $ -
1/2 day Track Time -
Full day Cost from $ 280
Full day Cost to $ 350
Full Day Track Time 2 hours
2 Day Cost from $ 450
2 Day Cost to $ 600
Open Lapping Cost from $ -
Open Lapping Track Time -
Open Lapping Cost to $ -

Driver Coaching Overview

In-car Instruction
Student Evaluations
Track Classroom
Instructor Program
Race Tracks
Noise Limit: 103 dB
Race Tracks
Noise Limit: 103 dB
Race Tracks
Noise Limit: 103 dB
HPDE Clubs
Full Day Track Time: 2 hours
HPDE Clubs
Full Day Track Time: 1 hour 20 min
HPDE Clubs
Full Day Track Time: 2 hours