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HPDE / Track Day Insurance 101: Explained

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Does car insurance cover track days? #

The question of track day insurance for HPDE events is complex and varies by individual insurance companies/underwriters. Most standard auto insurance policies specifically exclude coverage for “racing” or “track use,” which typically includes HPDE events. So the standard answer is no, your vehicle insurance provider will not cover you on track. As always, there are likely exceptions out there, so we would advise you to review your policy in detail.

Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary within this policy or any endorsement thereto, this policy does not provide coverage for any claim arising from the participation of the insured vehicle in a Track Day, High-Performance Driving Event (HPDE), or similar event, whether timed or untimed, competitive or non-competitive, that takes place on a racing circuit, track, or closed-course facility.

This exclusion applies to all forms of coverage under this policy including but not limited to liability, collision, comprehensive, medical payments, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. No benefits will be paid nor will any duty to defend be owed for any claim arising from the above-described events.

Example of what you may find included in your auto insurance policy

What is track day insurance? #

Yellow corvette with black wheels upside down in the track run-off after an accident
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So, what insurance do you need for a track day? There are specialized insurance providers that offer track insurance policies that can be purchased for a specific event or an entire year. Ideally, you’d look for a policy that covers on-track damages to your vehicle, liabilities, and potentially even medical costs, depending on your level of comfort and risk tolerance.

How do you insure your car for track day? #

There are a number of track insurance providers out there. These include:

Each company provides quotes online giving you the ability to compare cost and coverage with relative ease before you decide which to go with. If you decide to take insurance, look to see if your HPDE Club membership gets you a discount as many do.

What does it cover? #

Miata crashing at the Uphill, Lime Rock Park, CT

As with any insurance policy what’s covered and what’s not can be very nuanced. If you’re getting quotes from a handful of providers and one is noticeably less than the others, there’s probably a reason.

What’s covered by track day insurance? #

Policies are generally designed to cover damage to your vehicle and not third-parties or property.

  • Collision Damage: Covers the cost of repairs to your vehicle due to accidents on the track.
  • Family Members/second driver: Some policies extend coverage to family members or a named second driver if they are also participating in the HPDE event.

What’s not covered by track day insurance? #

Heavily damaged armco at a race track after a high impact crash
damaged armco

Again, always check the terms and conditions of the specific policy you are interested in for exact details on what is covered. Here are some of the coverage points you might want to look for when reviewing a policy as they’ll vary from provider to provider:

  • Personal Injury: While some policies cover damage to your vehicle, they may not cover personal medical expenses.
  • Track Damage: Typically, damage to track infrastructure like walls, barriers, or any clean-up costs associated with an accident are not covered.
  • Mechanical Failure: If your car breaks down but isn’t involved in an accident, repairs are generally not covered.
  • Events other than HPDE: Policies will likely be specific to HPDE and will not cover competitive events like actual races, time trials, or autocross.
  • Off-Track Incidents: Incidents that occur in the paddock or elsewhere off the track. We’ve had policies that do and don’t cover this.
  • Third-Party Liability: Damage to other vehicles or property may not be included.
  • Deductibles: Like any insurance, there is a deductible that you’ll need to cover before the insurance kicks in. You’ll typically find it’s 10-15%
  • Intentional Acts: Deliberate acts that result in damage are not covered.
  • Violation of Event Rules: If you violate the rules of the event on track and an incident occurs as a result, your claim may be denied.
Updated on November 1, 2023
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