The Complete Track Day Checklist: 160+ Items

A host of different items to take to a track day including air pump tire pressure gauge and folding chair

What do you need for a track day? #

We find preparing for a track day equal parts exciting and overwhelming. With numerous items you can take, to remembering and pulling together those you actually need, it’s easy to forget something. Take this checklist we’ve created, it has over 160 items to consider taking, so you can see how it can becoming pretty daunting fast.

You’ll find our complete track day checklist below, which you can download as a PDF, print or upload to a tablet. It covers everything from what to pack for your HPDE event to reminders and checks you should perform at the track. While it’s not meant to be exhaustive (we’re not sure that’s even possible), it’s designed to be thorough, and covers essentials and some “nice to haves”. Just because something’s on the list though, it’s not a purchase suggestion, we’re merely trying to cover the majority of items that are found at the track in various track kits.

If you’re just starting out look for items marked (F), it highlights those that we would consider essential when starting out.

We hope you find our track day checklist useful and please let us know if there’s something we should add to the list.

Snapshot of our track day checklist #

A comprehensive packing list and checklist for hpde track days organized into groups
track day hpde checklist
Updated on April 3, 2024
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