Get a Tech Inspection from a Qualified Mechanic

Porsche gt4 on an lift having a wheel alignment done

Visit a qualified mechanic for a tech. inspection #

Getting a professional HPDE tech inspection provides an extra layer of assurance beyond your own basic checks. It ensures that your vehicle meets the club’s safety requirements and is in optimal condition for the track. Make sure you’ve done your own checks before going. If you identify any small, easy, quick fixes like a blown fuse, it’ll be much cheaper for you to fix than adding to the mechanic’s hourly rate.

  • Mandatory Requirements: Some HPDE clubs make it a prerequisite to have your car professionally inspected before you’re allowed on the track. This is a measure to ensure safety for all participants.
  • Peace of Mind: Even if your HPDE club doesn’t require a professional inspection, having one done offers peace of mind and ensures that you haven’t overlooked any safety or performance issues.
  • Partnership with Shops: Some HPDE clubs have special arrangements with auto shops experienced in track preparation. These shops may offer complimentary inspections for club members as part of the partnership.

So, even if it’s not mandatory, we’d definitely recommend getting a professional tech inspection done (unless of course you’re a mechanic).

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Having the following fluids changed when you’re getting a tech. inspection is something we’d recommend, particularly if it’s not been done in a while.

  • Brake Fluid: Considering the intense braking in track conditions, it’s critical to have fresh brake fluid that can withstand high temperatures without boiling. Opt for a high-performance brake fluid rated for track use.
  • Engine Oil: Fresh, high-quality oil ensures better engine protection under the demanding conditions of track driving. Depending on your car, a synthetic oil with higher viscosity could be beneficial.
Tire wear close up

Consider a wheel alignment. #

While a tech inspection form doesn’t include it, you might want to consider having a wheel alignment performed before participating in a track day, especially if you haven’t done one for a while. A properly aligned set of wheels ensures that your car’s handling characteristics are optimized, allowing for more precise steering, better cornering stability, and more effective power transfer to the road. Also, a proper wheel alignment can extend the life of your tire as you’ll have much more even tire wear.

We tend to get a wheel alignment once a track season unless we’re going to do Watkins Glen twice. In which case we’ll get an alignment done between the two events. We use the curbing a fair amount and some of it is quite pronounced, so the alignment can take a beating.

The trick is to now find a shop that does good alignments in your area. Look for shops that perform race suspension setup or generally deal with race/track cars.

Exhaust Noise #

It’s probably worth noting that the loudness or dB (decibel) output of your exhaust could hamper your efforts for getting on track. Whilst this is another item not specifically on a tech inspection form, there are a number of tracks around the US (e.g. Lime Rock Park) that impose strict noise limits while driving on track.

Given the variables involved in measuring exhaust noise, it’s crucial to verify the dB limit for each event before registering. Getting black flagged for exceeding the limit will mean you’re in the paddock trying to quieten it. If you can’t and get black flagged again you’ll likely be sent home without a refund – a situation you really don’t want to be in. If you’re unsure, test your car in advance to avoid unnecessary stress at the track. If in doubt call and speak to an event organizer.

Remember tech inspection form. #

Don’t forget to take the tech inspection form with you so the shop can complete and sign it. Note, some HPDE Clubs require that the shop stamps the sheet as well as provide you with a receipt. Once we were nearly unable to participate in an event because we didn’t have a receipt from the shop, luckily the head instructor knew the shop. Some clubs are sticklers for this, so read the event packet or applicable webpage carefully.

Audi neq club's tech inspection form listing all items to be checked on a car pre track day
sample tech inspection form
Updated on October 14, 2023
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