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Last updated: October 6, 2023

Track Day Insider is committed to the open exchange of ideas. We encourage readers to converse with each other about the articles we publish and to offer opinions based on facts and personal experiences. Please be courteous and refrain from using insults, personal attacks, and profanity.

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Frequently asked questions

Who can comment on Track Day Insider articles?
Anyone who has registered with Track Day Insider can comment on an article.

Why does Track Day Insider ask commenters to register?
We have found that people who register carry on more engaging and respectful conversations.

Do you edit comments?
No. Comments are either approved or rejected.

Are comments ever removed?
Yes. Track Day Insider reserves the right to remove comments that don’t meet the standards listed above. If you feel a comment on our site violates these standards, you can report it for review by Track Day Insider moderators.

Are people ever restricted or banned from commenting?
They can be. Track Day Insider reserves the right to pre-moderate all comments from an individual who has previously violated this comment policy, and to ban an individual who, after having been warned by email, continues to violate the comment policy.