NJMP Thunderbolt Repave Begins – Phase 1

Njmp repave 4

Excavation for the NJMP Thunderbolt repave has started just outside of Millville at New Jersey Motorsports Park, signaling the beginning of a significant upgrade initiative.  Surface removal at NJMP Thunderbolt Water truck on track Turn 12 and pit entry partial repave and surface removal Start/finish line partial surface removal Turn 3 chicane partial surface removal Start/finish […]

Track Day Food Guide: 5 Meals to Stay Focused

Grilled chicken sandwich

Track days are intense, and the last thing you want is to feel sluggish or weighed down. It’s essential to strike a balance between getting the nutrients you need and not overloading your system.

HPDE Attire: 5 Essentials for Every Budget

Driver sprinting from their burning orange lotus at a hpde track day

What should I wear to HPDE? Some clubs are stricter about track attire than others, but the underlying principle remains the same: your choice of clothing serves as your first line of defense against fire.

Boost On Track Peripheral Vision: 3 Practical Drills

Rough field off view thunderbolt turn 1

When you do give that point-by they’ll vanish from your direct line of sight for a second or so. You’ll know roughly where they are, but you can’t turn your head. This is where having strong peripheral vision comes into play.